Griffith Home Analysis - Home and Commercial Property Inspection Services

Griffith Home Analysis has proudly inspected over 15,000 Alabama homes and businesses. We've encountered nearly every situation possible when it comes to inspecting a property and we can often offer helpful advice on how to correct any issues that we find, and what to expect during the process.

Whether you're looking to inspect a potential new property purchase, conducting an annual inspection for warranty purposes, or you have specific environmental/hazardous materials concerns, Griffith Home Analysis has the knowledge and experience to help you through!
Below you'll find a complete list of Home and Commercial Property Inspection services we offer. As most properties come with their own unique dimensions and design features - it's always better to chat with an inspector directly - as they will ask pertinent, specific questions that may have an effect on their ability to conduct your inspection as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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General Home and Property Inspections

Home Inspections

 **For Inspection Type Descriptions Visit Our Inspections Page**

Residential Home Inspections

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Commercial Building Inspections

(ASTM Property Condition Assessment)
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Relocation Inspections

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Pre-listing Inspections
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First Phase Inspection/
New Construction Inspections

(for new construction framing review before sheetrock)
First Year - Warranty Inspections
(final inspection before new construction warranty expires)
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Annual Maintenance Inspections
(inspect and design a custom annual maintenance chart)
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Residential Moisture Diagnostics
 (building leakage, excessive moisture inspections)
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System Inspection Analysis

Sewer Pipe Camera Scan
   - from one level roof pipe
 Septic Dye Test
(call office for availability)
 Pool/Spa Inspection
 Certified HVAC Inspections
(each set)
 Repair Review Visit
(per hour)

Environmental Inspections and Tests

Environmental Assessments
Certified Radon Test - w. inspection 
 - without inspection  $275.00
 Carbon Monoxide Sampling
Price Inquiries
 Electromagnetic Field Sampling
Price Inquiries
 Mold Sampling
(per hour)
 Granite Countertop Testing

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Inspection Testing Kits

 Radon Test
Price Inquiries
 AsbestosPrice Inquiries
 Lead in Water
Price Inquiries
 Lead Paint
Price Inquiries
 MoldPrice Inquiries
 *Some Lab Fees Additional
Griffith Home Analysis Manual
(Home Owner manual designed for first time buyers)

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