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Alabama Home Inspector Trade 2022 At A Glance
February 14th, 2022 7:36 AM

 Alabama Home Inspector Trade 2022 At A Glance 


  • At the 2021 year-end, Alabama saw an all-time high of 483 registered home inspectors. This gives Alabama real estate consumers a broad choice. We expect about 400 or more to renew and continued roster growth again into this year.


  • The New 2022 state licenses roster has just recently been updated on the state website. If your broker office compiled your 2022 inspector office list the first few days of the year then you may want to update your list to be current for the year.


  • Alabama Residential New Construction Certified inspectors in the first year of availability (2021) saw 128 home inspectors complete their training to specialize in residential new construction inspections. RNC certified inspectors for new construction sales can be found here:

                        Find the list of inspectors from AHIO’s website here:

                        Or here at the Alabama DOCM website:


  • New licensees continue to come on board with new education and experience requirements now benefiting the industry. Alabama now requires most new inspectors to have 120 hours of education plus onsite training to obtain a license- similar to other trades. The early home inspector laws were mainly for registration purposes, but the new regulations have focused on education and experience as well. With this change, we can help bring the state home inspector trade closer to our home buyers' expectations that are similar to other state-licensed professionals.


  • Take extra care with real estate clients who want home inspections and are bidding on a competitive listing. Some of the newly popular “walk-around” pre-purchase inspections for real estate transactions, may not be complete enough to comply with the Alabama Home Inspectors Standards of Practice that were established as a minimum uniform standard for pre-purchase transactions.


  • The first-ever education conference for Alabama Home Inspectors is being held in Gulf Shores this February 19th and 20th. Continuing education is new to Alabama home inspectors but now Alabama licensed home inspectors as a group are participating in roughly 6000 hours or more of continuing education (as of 2021) on an annual basis statewide. 

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