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Bought A House? Read This. Getting Ready for the Home Inspection
June 8th, 2022 5:26 PM
Bought a house? Read this --Top preparation tips in getting ready for your home inspection.
Home inspections aren't regular events in most people's lives and many including first time buyers are not familiar with the process.

Can I attend my home inspection? Yes for most inspectors. It's just easier for everyone if you're there in case of complicated defects. Many inspectors will invite the buyers to walk with the inspector. It's a great leaning experience but be careful not to distract them. They are there to find significant defects.

Be ready to ask about your big concerns in the home. Often inspectors don't discuss items that turn out to be insignificant to inspectors yet might be a big worry of the buyers.

Don't forget to bring a tape rule- and notepad. Always measure for the refrigerator and washer/dryer if they don't stay. Lately, clients are downloading measuring/floor plan apps in the smartphone for planning and decorating. Some of these actually work surprisingly well. 

Most buyers take a few photos of the interior for future planning after the inspection. I've never seen a seller get upset but if you think this is a concern then just ask the realtor to get permission.

Expect to pay at the inspection. Inspectors typically get paid at the time of the inspection and will have an inspection agreement that needs signing.

Take notes if you want, but part of the inspection process is a written report. Reports are commonly sent out after the inspection. Late that day or the next. Typical inspector's reports today are usually lengthy with notes, info and include photos.

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