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Five Maintenance Tips for Fall!
October 1st, 2018 10:14 AM
During our home inspections in Birmingham we come across many problems that could have been handled by simple home maintenance. With fall having finally arrived lets talk about some tips to help get your house ready for the coming months. 

1. Clean Out Those Gutters and Downspouts
    Keeping the downspouts and gutters clean is a vital part of your house's health. When gutters clog they can start leaking into the walls and overhang of the house causing damage. Furthermore, gutters can leak onto the ground and sometimes back into the foundation. Keep the gutters clean.

2. Test Run Your Heater
     Fall in Alabama often starts off as a continuation of summer. However, with cooler temperatures quickly approaching now is the perfect time to test fire your heater. Turn it on and see if it is working now so when it finally gets cold enough for regular use you will know if you are in good shape.

3. Look at the Fireplace
    Soon enough it will be time to light a fire in the fireplace. That makes right now the perfect time to give it a quick look. Shine a flashlight up in the flue looking for creosote. While you are looking up the flue, check for any blockages. Operate the damper, opening and closing it. For a more complete inspection, contact a chimney sweep to make sure it is safe and up to scratch.

4. Drain that Irrigation System
   With the weather being so hot, it is not as important now, but in a month it will be a good idea to drain your irrigation system. Even though the irrigation system is underground. The pipes can still bust if the weather gets cold enough for long enough. 

5. Exterior Hose Bib Faucets
   Same thing here, if you have a shut off valve for your exterior faucets then turn them off and drain them. It is also a good idea to disconnect any hoses that are attached so that any lingering water in them wont bust the faucets. 

While some of these ideas seem premature for the beginning of fall, it is a good idea to have them on your list. That way when the weather finally gets cold in say November, you can focus on the holidays instead of home maintenance.

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