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Types of Home Inspections


After over twenty years of providing successful home inspections for Birmingham families, we have added new features to our home inspections in order to provide services tailored specifically to the needs of today’s more informed home buyers.

Home Buyers Pre-purchase Home Inspections (most common)

We specialize in Birmingham home buyers prepurchase home inspections. Our pre-purchase home inspection is tailored to the needs of the home buyer. We offer a proven inspection and report that is geared toward the real estate process.

First Time Buyer Home Inspections

Now are furnished with a copy of the GHA Home Analysis Manual. This is a helpful guide to home ownership and includes fix-it manuals as well as a guide to home repairs and ownership. The first year maintenance plan is also included to help new owners budget for that first year. We encourage these buyers to be present for the walk-through and ask many questions. We get a lot of parent interest in the inspection, and yes, Dad is welcome on our inspection walk through.

Pre-Listing Sellers Home Inspections

Relocation Home Inspections For Employees

Include digital photos and an insurance checklist of typically the required questions. Certified radon tests are available (by real certified technicians) using electronic CRM testing equipment. As always, reports are professional looking and typed–no handwritten notes. Reports are emailed and delivered in universal pdf format that is convenient for forwarding as needed. No re-faxing of Illegible copies to relo.Pre-listing inspection

features not only an initial inspection and a draft report but also a final inspection after any needed corrections are properly satisfied. We recognize that marketing materials are needed to fully benefit from this type of inspection, and as such we’ve provided presentation quality bound extra report copies and a pre-inspection rider sign. Often a buyer will accept a pre-listed inspection report if it is from an established home inspection company---such as Griffith Home Analysis.

New Construction First Phase Home Inspection

Consists of pre-drywall and frame member inspection. This checklist and the report are designed to answer buyer’s questions on the quality of construction before it is too late to see. It details how construction frame members are installed. We recommend a first phase inspection during the framing stage together with a new construction home inspection at the end of the finish stage (just after municipal approval).

Annual Maintenance Home Inspection

and report are designed to keep an eye on the building overall and check on areas and systems, then provide a specific maintenance plan for the home. This makes it easier to budget repairs and less headaches from surprises—Wonder and worry what’s wrong with your home? Our experience has been that most of these types of inspections usually relieve the home owner’s concerns about something they thought or had been told was a serious defect and in fact was a manageable maintenance item.

First Year New Construction Home Inspection

is a follow-up inspection performed at end of the first year of new construction home ownership. This inspection has developed from years of listening to inspection requests by new home owners wanting to finalize their first year punch lists before the builder’s initial home warranty expires.

Residential Moisture Diagnostics Home Inspection

is for the “I smell mold or mildew” times. This specific inspection and report are tailored to the areas and systems that can contribute to excessive moisture and possible mold/mildew conditions in homes. This provides a third party inspection that is not performed by a mold contractor, hence we don’t sell unnecessary repairs. The latest equipment is used in the inspection process. This report has evolved for the many calls from concerned home owners with questions about their wet basements, attics, or new stains on walls/floors.

Commercial Building Inspection

Our commercial inspection process has grown to include a team of the regions best professionals in the electrical; HVAC, plumbing and other fields that inspect commercial property. Our experience ranges from multi-story condominium and apartment complexes, retail centers, restaurants, to light industrial sites.

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