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Why Should You Choose Our Home Inspection Services?

Griffith Home Analysis is a multi generational firm that has been around for decades. We have inspected over 15,000 homes in the Birmingham area. 

We can also provide you with our Maintenance Plan, or Home Analysis Manual – because we understand that while we may live this industry - most home owners do not!


If you have any questions regarding:

Home and Commercial Inspection Check


  • Residential Home Inspections
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • First Year Warranty Inspections
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections
  • Residential Moisture Diagnosis
  • Certified Radon Testing
  • Electromagnetic Field Sampling
  • Pool/Spa Inspections
  • Certified HVAC Inspections
  • Certified Asbestos Inspections
  • Mold Sampling
  • Carbon Monoxide Sampling



Be sure to call the name trusted by over 15,000 home and commercial building owners - Griffith Home Analysis!


Here's a quick checklist of the top reasons to trust Griffith Home Analysis for your next property inspection:
Griffith Home Analysis - Checklist
  • Proven dependable results with over 15,000 home inspections completed.
  • Qualified home inspectors- certified by ASHI, NACHI, ICC, IAQ2 and others.
  • Code Certified by International Code Council.
  • Equipped with the latest Flir infrared camera technology for moisture detection.
  • Certified Siding Specialist, Moisture Analysts, and Stucco Specialist.
  • Certified Environmental Testing and Information is Available.
  • Report is computer analyzed and printed for prompt delivery via email, fax or secured web server. Both checklist and repair summary are provided. Photos included of most major items.
  • Full service inspection company offers all types of inspections as well as certified radon and mold sampling.
  • Established office since 1994 is staffed and available daily for orders or questions.
  • Inspectors are state licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Maintenance plan included with each report.
  • Purchasers are encouraged to attend the inspection and walk with the inspector.Questions are welcome.
  • The exclusive HOME ANALYSIS MANUAL is available for inexperienced homeowners.
  • Non-biased and no conflict objective inspections. We are not realtors and we do not do repairs. Professional inspection service is our only business.
  • Established local company for over two decades. We are not a national franchise.
  • With over fifteen thousand inspections performed, we have a large database of inspection histories on Birmingham area homes. For many homes we inspect we already have the condition history for reference during the inspection. 
  • Repair estimates for many items are provided and we are glad to answer questions about quotes from contractors during the transaction.
  • EPA listed radon inspections with results from state of the art electronic detection equipment available on site.
  • On site diagnostics using the latest technology and equipment.
  • Convenient online scheduling.


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